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Codespace serves as an incubation center for fintech projects, with highly trained teams of experts specialized from virtual IBANs to sending and receiving money and cross-border trade.

We provide a wide range of services for our clients, with some of our top projects including remittance platforms, as well as fraud prevention and monitoring systems.

Ozan Wallet
has lauched

One of our top clients, Ozan is a FCA regulated London-based company that allows people and businesses to pay across borders and manage multiple currencies with a single app.

The wallet also allows keeping all bank accounts inside which make it easy to manage financial assets in one place. Other great feature that loved about Ozan is, there are 14 different currencies to convert your money where bitcoin and gold is coming soon. By having all those great features, Ozan lets easily pay, exchange and receive money from all over the world with safe & secure system and fee-free transactions.

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with SettleGo

Codespace has also partnered with SettleGo, a payments company that seeks to provide businesses with a one-stop-shop solution to send and receive international payments.

SettleGO lets businesses exchange money between 25 different currencies where transfer cost is instantly zero with the own dedicated virtual IBAN that provided. By Integrating single api, SettleGo helps businesses to avoid high bank charges and make business with all around the world.

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